86.2 coming... soon

After 86.1 was released in November, I made some feature changes over the course of the next few weeks, wrote a kernel build system (I'm up to 5 kernels that need to be compiled for each Finnix release), and then sat and waited for Linux 2.6.15 to be released, which was one of my goals for 86.2.

Well, 2.6.15 is released, and 86.2 is... almost out. I had the build system going about 2 hours after the kernel was released on monday evening, and the plan was to finish the builds, test for a day, and release. Well, the kernels work fine, but I found a few bugs with Finnix itself. Then I fixed those. Then it reminded me of a feature that I wanted to implement. Then another bug cropped up. Then more new functionality. And so on, and so on...

The good news is I have put a freeze on new functionality, and will be regression testing over the weekend. (A lot of combinations can crop up. For example, testing booting a UML guest off a server booted from a USB thumb drive using the "toram" option. Yeah, those kind of combinations.) If all goes well, 86.2 should be released Monday... or Tuesday.

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