2 thoughts on “April Fools!”

  1. Lol, I fell for it. iPods and other devices are moving closer and closer to being more universal and the thought that one could become a PocketPC or Palm compatible device (in this case obviously not PocketPC since Apple is rather against MS) didn't sound entirely impossible. Heck, cell phones have already done it a good while back and they sport their own little MP3 players now. I admit I don't keep up with Apple's latest hardware very well as you can see. d-: Ok, in retrospect, I can't really think of why you'd want to run Finnix on such a device anyway.

  2. I initially fell for it too. There is a Linux distribution that runs on the iPod already.

    Now that I think about it, an iPod version of Finnix would be very handy. You could do admin tasks on a headless server without having to plug in a keyboard and monitor... just your iPod!

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