Finnix 90.0 Released

On October 23, 2005, Finnix 86.0 was released, marking the revival of Finnix. Now, two years and 9 releases later, Finnix 90.0 has been released for the x86/AMD64, PowerPC, and UML/Xen platforms. Finnix is a small, self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution for system administrators, based on Debian testing.

Finnix 90.0 includes a new Linux kernel (2.6.22), faster booting, and the ability to boot from SATA CD-ROM and DVD-ROM devices, as well as updated Debian system software and bug fixes.

New Linux kernel

For the last 3 versions, Finnix has remained at kernel 2.6.18. After much delay, Finnix 90.0 includes Linux 2.6.22. Finnix 90.0's kernel includes support for both UnionFS 2 and AUFS, with UnionFS as the default for stability reasons.

Faster booting

Finnix 90.0 will now boot even quicker, about 8 seconds quicker than Finnix 89.0!

SATA CD-ROM booting

Finnix 90.0 can now be booted using Serial ATA (SATA) CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drives. This is in addition to the many other existing ways to boot Finnix: Parallel ATA CD/DVD drive, SCSI CD/DVD drive, USB thumb drive, hard drive, netboot, or virtualized (User Mode Linux, Xen).

5 thoughts on “Finnix 90.0 Released”

  1. Thanks. This is a very useful live CD. The detection of software raid and logical volumes is essential for me. While waiting for my forum password to arrive (hint), I'll offer the observation that the lvm support doesn't seem to work as I expect. Logical volumes are detected, but I haven't found a way to mount them. I'm hoping to pursue this in the forum.

  2. Hi, I just tried too boot 90.0 ppc on an IBM BladeCenter (with IBM PowerPC 970 dual-core chips), it does not work.
    Some details:
    - at boot: promt, TAB does not list anything
    - default boot image cannot be found
    - finnix64 cannot be found

    A bit off-topic, Ubuntu 6.06.1 goes a bit further in the boot sequence but crashes eventually. SLES 10 on the other hand works fine.

    I hope this helps :)

  3. Have the same problem,
    Not able to boot , no images are found. The PPC version does not boot at all for me , the "normal" version boots but does not find a kernel.

    Using a Dell XPS m1330

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