Finnix 100 released

Finnix is a small, self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution for system administrators, based on Debian testing. Today marks the release of Finnix 100, the sixteenth release of Finnix since its beginnings over ten years ago.

Finnix 100 comes over a year since its previous release, Finnix 93.0, and introduces a new version scheme, with future versions incrementing numerically. Finnix 100 includes updated upstream Debian software, and Linux kernel 2.6.32. The finnix-thumbdrive utility has been removed in favor of UNetbootin, which can take a Finnix ISO and extract it to a bootable USB drive without needing to boot Finnix first. PowerPC support has been officially dropped, though future PowerPC releases may be made on a one-off basis. The last PowerPC release, Finnix 93.0, will continue to be distributed through and should continue to be useful for some time.

The Finnix store has been discontinued, and in its place is a free sticker service. High quality vinyl stickers can be obtained by sending a donation to Finnix, sending a self-addressed stamped envelope, or sending trinkets. Please see the free sticker page for more details.

4 thoughts on “Finnix 100 released”

  1. Not sure if I'd like finnix or not but I do know that my powerpc computer is still functional, so the more dists the better.

    I hope 1GHz, 1GB ram, 80GB hd is still plentiful in the year 2011...

    Hey, if you could throw together a finnix-ppc for those of us still with ancient powerpc technology from the olden days it sure would be nice ;)

  2. Very upset powerpc version is not longer supported. The x86(32/64) evil shadow is over our heads more and more, and now over finnix too.

  3. May I help you? You said you have no time to build and test PowerPC releases, and that this is the main reason to drop PowerPC from Finnix.
    I can build and test. I can report bugs, even with patches.
    You think there's a pity of us? On my tiny channel (only 10 KiB/s), I got >14.0 on FinnixPPC 93.0 torrent seeding! Forgot them, and forgot anybody who does direct download too.
    Do you really think we must stuck with old versions of software (I'll never buy x86 machine, you know, and most of us too.) Do you know that we choose GNU/Linux on PowerPC also because it gives us hope to not to be abandoned? I can personally understand Fedora and even OpenSuSE (who dropped us absolutely silent), but I can't understand you.

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