Finnix 106 released

Finnix is a small, self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution for system administrators, based on Debian testing. Today I am pleased to announce the release of Finnix 106, which contains an important kernel update as well as minor fixes and improvements.

Linux 3.5

Finnix 106 includes Linux kernel 3.5, and notably fixes a major bug observed in Finnix 105 where booting would freeze if the system's disk included an extended partition.

Project NEALE released

With Finnix 105, Project NEALE [] was announced -- an effort to build Finnix releases in a completely automated and normalized way. Finnix 105 was the first release to be produced with NEALE, but the build infrastructure was not available to the public at the time. For Finnix 106, the build infrastructure has been finished and released to the public.

4 thoughts on “Finnix 106 released”

  1. I was surprised to see a perfect boot into a nice console! It took several trips through df and blank looks from hopeful X.Org session manager names to determine that no other (HFS+) volumes were booted by default, there was not to be a desktop, but a nice GNU. So, while disappointed that it does not look like MacPup, I have to admit I saw it found my (deprecated due to bad magnetics in eth0: and crufty WiFi in eth1:, but not the 802.11n USB dongle) network bits fine and booted in about the time OS X takes.
    Am I closer to making a zippy Yahoo! Web Mail client? Maybe just new PHY magnetics in there and see who accidentally upgraded w3m; maybe not.

  2. I would have HFS+ with i18n filenames available for available console charsets (Chinese filenames...), if I found and mounted them, right?

  3. robotfindskitten does not appear to be installed by default in Finnix 106. This is a great disappointment.

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