Finnix 86.1 now available on

I am pleased to announce the availability of Finnix version 86.1 as a recovery distribution for Linode customers. provides a highly customizable Virtual Machine Management Platform using Linux, that lets you configure your own server complete with root access, without the burden of a dedicated server's upkeep, maintenance, and co-location fees.

With the addition of Finnix as a deployable distribution, you can now easily perform maintenance or recovery of your existing Linode system. Finnix can even be used to create new distribution installations, such as installing Gentoo from scratch. Linode uses User Mode Linux (UML) to provide service, and UML support is built into Finnix 86.1, so all functionality in the CD version of Finnix is automatically available when you boot Finnix through Linode.

Please see for more information about Linode, view available system configurations, and to sign up for new service. Existing Linode customers may go to for instructions on how to deploy Finnix to your Linode account.

Finnix 86.1 for x86/PowerPC/UML/Xen Released

Finnix is a small, self-contained, bootable Linux CD distribution for system administrators, based on Debian testing. Today marks the release of version 86.1 for the x86, PowerPC, and UML/Xen platforms.

PowerPC Support: The largest change for version 86.1 has been the inclusion of a PowerPC port. Finnix for PowerPC (Finnix-PPC) is a 115MB ISO that functions identically to the main x86 Finnix distribution. Simply insert the CD and boot while holding down the "C" key. Finnix-PPC is well supported on G4 and NewWorld G3 hardware, including PowerMacs, PowerBooks, iBooks, iMacs and the Mac Mini. G5 support is present, but still experimental.

UML/Xen Support: Finnix 86.1 can be deployed as a guest image on User Mode Linux (UML) and Xen virtualization systems. UML/Xen administrators can go to for information on deploying Finnix in a UML or Xen environment. Additionally, the x86 Finnix CD includes a built-in UML demo. Once at the bash prompt, you can type "finnix create", and a UML guest session is created within the running CD session, using the same media as the CD session itself. Full networking is available in this running guest.

Other Changes: Finnix 86.1 includes Linux kernel, unionfs 1.1.1, and updated upstream packages. Many bugs have been fixed; most visibly, the CD will now reliably eject before system shutdown. For a full changelog, see the link below.

Home page:
SourceForge page:
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* PowerPC:
Finnix for UML/Xen:

Finnix 86.1-pre1 Released

Finnix version 86.1-pre1 has been released for x86 and PowerPC platforms today. Yes, you heard right. There is now a Finnix PowerPC ISO available for download. Documentation will be written by the time 86.1 final is released, but the short of it is:

* G4s and Blue-and-White G3s (NewWorld) are well supported, and have been tested on about a dozen machines so far, including various G4 desktops, a few G4 laptops, Mac Minis, and a G3 iMac.
* There is a G5 kernel in the distro (type "finnix64" at the boot prompt), but I do not have a G5 to test it on. Use at your own risk.
* OldWorld G3s may work as well (using the BootX method), but will not be supported, and have not been tested.

There are also some other new features, which will be announced when 86.1 is final. Look at the changelog, download the ISOs, and let me know if anything comes up.

Finnix 86.0 Released

Nearly 6 years ago, Finnix 0.03 made history as one of the first bootable CD Linux distributions. It may have taken awhile, but Finnix is back as a small (less than 100MB), fully-featured LiveCD for system administrators.

Finnix 86.0 includes 336 Debian packages, Linux kernel 2.6.13, and advanced system utilities such as LVM2. You can mount and manipulate hard drives and partitions, monitor networks, rebuild boot records, install other operating systems, and much more. Finnix can be run in as little as 32MB RAM, but if you have at least 192MB RAM, you can run the entire distribution from a ramdisk, saving access time during use, at the expense of a small wait during boot while the CD is copied to RAM (this wait is negligible due to the distribution's small size).

Most importantly, Finnix can be burned to a "Mini-CDR", which, as a fashion statement, goes great with your laptop bag or pocket.

Please visit to learn more or download a copy!

Finnix 86.0-pre3 Released

Finnix version 86.0-pre3 has been released today. This is a public pre-release, intended to flush out as many bugs as possible before the big release. Because it is a pre-release, its CD layout is not optimized, and as a result you may hear some random seeks from older CDROM drives. Other than that, the CD is quite usable (I've been using it at work for a couple days now). If you find any bugs or issues, please use the bug tracking system to report it.

Finnix 86.0-pre3 Released

Finnix 86.0-pre3 is released! It was supposed to be 86.0-pre2, but that turned out to be a brown paper bag release (One of the last things I did was upgrade isolinux, and I tested nearly all "finnix" combinations of booting, but not "memtest"... it broke horribly.)

Anyways, download it (it's just over 100MB for god sakes), test it, and let me know what breaks, if anything.