It sees you when you’re fscking, it knows /dev/hda… OK, bad joke.

One of the primary reasons for the re-incarnation of Finnix was LVM2 support. This came in the form of “apt-get install lvm2”, and suited my purposes (if you knew you were on an LVM system, activating the volumes was as easy as “/etc/init.d/lvm start”), but I always meant to get around to making it a part of startup autodetection. In the next release, that will be possible. It’ll scan for volumes, add to /etc/fstab and create a /mnt point (just like a normal scanned partition), and activate any LVM swap volumes. And of course there will be a “nolvm” flag, in case you want to shave 6/10ths of a second of bloat off the boot process for non-LVM systems.

[*] Scanning for LVM volumes... VolGroup00/LogVol00 VolGroup00/LogVol01<br /> [*] Scanning for partitions and creating /etc/fstab... done<br /> [*] Activating swap... VolGroup00/LogVol01<br /> ...<br /> root@tty1:~# mount /mnt/VolGroup00/LogVol00<br /> root@tty1:~#

This is real (not a mockup), but has had roughly 90 seconds of testing so far. Also: Fedora’s default naming scheme for LVM volumes is boring, but there’s not much Finnix can do about that.