If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits eighty-eight miles per hour…

The ISOs have been mastered, the CDs have been printed, the shirts have arrived, the birthday party clown has been reserved… well, maybe not that last part. Finnix 88.0 will be released Thursday, August 4, the evening before DEFCON 14 begins. Now, normally Finnix ISOs are mastered about 48 hours before release, but this release is different for several reasons:

  • This release was timed to coincide with DEFCON 14. Again, I’m not giving a talk or anything this year, but it seemed like a good place and time to release a new Finnix.
  • Around the 20th, I ran out of “things to do”. The builds were feature-complete and rather bug-free. It was a good time to freeze, which allowed for…
  • Massive testing. Finnix 88.0 introduces some rather radical changes underneath the hood, and I wanted to allocate as much time as possible to testing.
  • Because I’ll be at DEFCON, giving out CDs, I had to have CDs made before I left for Vegas. Printing and burning a stack of CDs takes time.

Mark your calendars!