Due to SourceForge problems, for 88.0 I secured primary mirroring with OSU Open Source Lab (thanks again!), and will not be using SourceForge for future releases. However, I am looking for secondary mirror sites. Here are the requirements:

  • Decent connectivity (DS3 or higher)
  • 24-hour availability (occasional maintenance downtime is fine, I’m talking about excluding “available 9-5” sites)
  • Enough storage space and aggregate transfer for future growth, see below
  • Ability to rsync from the main archive at least daily

Here is how things are looking for the archive currently:

  • 1.3GiB currently, growing at an average of 1.5GiB per year
  • 200GiB transfer per month, should not exceed 400GiB per month in coming years
  • Releases quarterly on average
  • Mostly compressed content in archives
  • Current archives can be browsed at http://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/finnix/; “current” is a symlink to the current release directory

If you are interested in providing mirror services, please email ryan@finnie.org. Thank you very much.