The final touches are being applied to Finnix 89.0, and will probably be released within a week. Currently I’m waiting on an update for Memtest86+: 1.70 was released this weekend, but a chipset detection flaw has forced them to announce a release of 1.71 (with the fix) “within a week”. This gives me time to do some final testing and finish up a few of the non-development things that need to be done before a release.

Two of the most annoying non-development tasks are actually graphics and GPL compliance. Graphics are pretty self-explanatory: make a boot banner, CD art, etc. GPL compliance basically means I have to gather the source packages for every binary package in the release, burn them to CD, and throw that CD in my document safe for the next 3 years. Of course, nobody has actually asked for these sources yet (when you can just go to and download specific versions yourself), but I do have to keep the sources around, just in case were to disappear one day and someone needed sources to a particular package. The impetus is on me to provide these sources ultimately.