… or the “I waited 5 months for this?” release.

Hopefully a release announcement will be made tomorrow; otherwise it will be next week, as I will be on vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday. Finnix 92.1 will be a maintenance release, with a dist-upgraded environment, a “new” kernel, 2.6.26 (2.6.27 has not yet entered Debian due to the Lenny freeze, and I didn’t deem it important enough to break with procedure and use a vanilla kernel this time around), and a few small fixes.

Also, a little teaser: This will not be released with Finnix 92.1 – it will be sometime after release – but I will be announcing Finnix on a new architecture. Which one? It’s a secret… One hint is it is an architecture I have discussed in relation to Finnix before.

(No, it’s not that iPod April Fools port from 2006.)