If you’re the type who is delighted by tables and number and maps with markers on them (and hey, who isn’t?), there is now a Finnix mirror status site at mirrors.finnix.org. There you can see the current status of Finnix mirrors, see when they were last synced, and test GeoIP functionality.

One thing that is immediately evident by the global mirror map is that it isn’t very global. Most of the mirrors are located in the eastern half of North America. The remaining are one in Idaho, one in California (temporarily provided by me through Colobox Networks to service the west coast), and one in Greece. If your organization can provided mirror services for Finnix and are particularly located in one of the following regions, I’d like to hear from you:

  • Europe and the United Kingdom
  • Asia/Pacific region
  • West coast North America

Any new mirrors would be appreciated, but I would like to especially focus on those regions. More information for mirror providers is available at the main mirrors site. Thank you.