Today marks the release of Finnix 121, the LiveCD for system administrators. This release expands upon Finnix 120, and includes a number of fixes, new packages and new features. From the Finnix 121 release notes:

  • Switched back to building against Debian testing
  • Added packages:
  • Removed packages:
    • sl (can be annoying; finnix/finnix#4)
    • cdbackup, dvd+rw-tools, wodim (replaced by xorriso)
    • lilo (removed from Debian testing due to GCC-10 FTBFS)
    • udisks2-vdo (removed from Debian; obsolete)
  • serial-getty consoles are now usable
  • Non-zero exit codes are now displayed in PS1
  • Added “0” command for easier access to keyboard configuration (finnix/finnix#3)
  • GRUB is now being used for both BIOS and UEFI booting
  • Removed GRUB initial boot beep
  • Re-added shared per-user SSH agents
  • Fixed SSH remote access
  • Enabled zram swap compression, 50% of physical RAM
  • Release ISOs layouts are again being optimized for CD-ROMs
    • This has no negative (or positive) effect when the ISO is written to a USB key, but speeds up CD-ROM booting by placing all known files used during startup sequentially toward the end of the ISO

Please visit to download Finnix 121 today!